q. how old are you?
a. 25 years old
q. are you accepting new clients / when will you be ?!
a. currently unsure at this time of exactly when, but hoping to start accepting more for spring 2021.

q. can i be added to the wait list ?!
a. absolutely, please send me a dm over on instagram :-)

q. when will you accept clients with box dye ?!
a. probably never :'( haha box dye is the devil, i'm sorry !!

q. what hair school did you go to and when ?
a. marinello school of beauty in northampton, ma in 2015. unfortunately
 they are now closed

q. how did you gain a following so quickly ?!
a. all instagram + my client referrals!

q. are you looking for an assistant/can i shadow you ?!
a. unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to have any extra free time to have any students or stylists shadow me. and i'm not currently looking for an assistant, but you can always drop off/email a resume + i'll keep it on file !!

q. why are drugstore hair products bad for you ?!
a. all drugstore products have ingredients like alcohol or silicons that either dry out your hair or coat it and don't actually take care of it. they build up over time, causing issues when you're looking to color it. let alone what it does to your fresh color after you just get it done, it does nothing but interact incorrectly causing damage and fading. you may actually notice that your hair still feels greasy/dirty after you wash it or maybe your scalp is still dry even though it says the product is *hydrating*. this is because the ingredients aren't actually doing what they say they're doing, they're just making things worse :'(

q. i've never been blonde before, what's the process like ?!
a. be prepared to have multiple sessions with me or any stylist as we just want what's best for you and your hair. gradually going lighter is always best so that you avoid damage or have very minimal amounts. depending on how your current hair is, it may be more achievable in certain situations !!

q. that's it !! i'm ready to be blonde. what's the maintenance like ?!
a. depending on your desired result, or what type of look you want the maintenance may vary. typically, my services are recommended as follows:
highlights/babylights 6-10 wks.
balayage 10-12 wks.
all over blonde 4-6 wks.

q. do you do other types of color besides blondes ?!
a. yes absolutely i love a good brunette or any fun colors too like pink or other unicorn shades !!  :-)

q. my hair never grows and i refuse to cut it...what should i do ?!
a. regardless, if you're trying to grow your hair out or maintain a certain length, trims are ALWAYS NEEDED. if you haven't gotten your hair cut in a while, most likely you have split ends. nothing truly repairs split ends besides cutting them! split ends don't stop til they hit your root, and then they just fall out or break off :( and that's more sad in my opinion! always trim those babies up, you'll be surprised at how much they grow or feel so much thicker after that!

that's all for now.
xo, T. <3